Events by IAPT RC-6

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (Regional Council-6) organizes various training programs for students as well as teachers in the region. Following Programs are being organized by IAPT RC-6.

  1. Innovation in Laboratories
  2. 1st Young Genius Physics Tournament
  3. Science and Maths Videopedia (SMV)

1. Innovation in Laboratories

6-7 July, 2013

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (Regional Council -6) has organized a workshop cum conference “Innovation in Laboratories” at Centre for Development of Physics Education, University of Rajasthan on 6-7 July, 2013. More than 60 teachers from 35 schools participated.

In the workshop lecture on High Energy Physics was presented by Prof NL Sharma from University of Michigan, USA and various demonstrations of school level physics were presented by Mr. MS Marwah from Khalsa College, Chandigarh, Mr. Manoranjan Singh from Pilani and Mr. AK Srivastava from Dholpur to make difficult concepts of physics understanding in much simpler way through experiments.

In year 2013 IAPT RC-6 will be targeting to provide a platform to those school teachers who use innovative methods of physics teaching in their classes. Through this platform such innovative teaching style and methods can be shared with various schools to increase the reach of these methods to make learning easier for large group of teachers and students.

For the same RC-6 is developing a Physics Videopedia on cloud technology where any physics teacher can upload their physics videos of innovative physics teaching methods or demonstrations which after screening by experts will be made live on the cloud videopedia. The videopedia is named Physics Information Cloud for teachers and students.

2. 1st Young Genius Physics Tournament

3-4 Jan, 2014

First 3 rounds of 1st Young Genius Physics Tournament were conducted online in October, 2013 and 100 finalist are called to Jaipur for the falicitation function on 4th January, 2014 at Jawaher Kala Kendra Auditorium from 2:30pm onward. All IAPT RC-6 Members are coordially invited for the same.

With its unique format of several rounds of fights, the tournament was conceived by leaders in education and pedagogy. This tournament will inculcate spirit of competitiveness and the natural curiosity among students. The aim of the competition is three-fold;

  1. To identify and nurture science talent in the young students and to provide them a platform to showcase and measure their skills globally.
  2. To promote self-learning through the greatest technological revolution in the last decade, the internet. To attract students to the several avenues of learning present online instead of the traditional classroom methods.

    Traditional classroom teaching, though effective, has several shortcomings. The most prominent one is lack of interaction of teacher with every individual student and understanding of individual needs. The gap created can be bridged by the use of technology. Using the internet, the student can study at their own time and in familiar surroundings. Moreover students can study at their own pace, unlike traditional teaching methods where all students must study at the same speed regardless of their grasping abilities. The plethora of interactive audio-visual resources available on the world wide net has made it possible for every student to excel using the methods most suited to them. This initiative is aimed at providing students the opportunity to imbibe these pioneering learning resources in their daily studying routine.

  3. To encourage students to apply Physics in their daily lives. Every physical process is a real-life example of an amalgamation of several theories of physics that students study as part of their curriculum. This competition will encourage the students to identify these laws and theories by analyzing the physical phenomena around them

3. Science and Maths Videopedia (SMV)

Launch date - 19-July-2014

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) Rajasthan Council (RC-6) has planned to launch an online Science and Maths Videopedia which will help students online in variety of explanations on every concept of science from class 9 to 12. This will be the first online platform for Indian teachers to share their teaching skills all across country.

In this videopedia, a teacher can record his explanation of any concept of Science and Maths through the smart phone and upload on youtube which will be validated by IAPT Experts and published on the videopedia website for students.

All videos in SMV will be of duration 5 minutes or less which will be comfortable for students to watch over smart phones. It may be new revolution in India for use of smart phones by Science & Maths students as present youth is only using the destructive and unproductive side of internet and videopedia may transform the use of internet in regular academics.

The videopedia will be launched on 19-July-2014 at VIT College, Jagatpura, Jaipur and a training workshop is also kept on this day for Jaipur School Teachers for use of videopedia and further interaction.